How to raise £200,000 for your Business idea with Orange

Orange is known as a very innovative company that operates in the UK as a mobile network provider. Since their creation in 1994, they haven’t stop innovating. They’ve introduced the first per-second charging for your calls whereas competitors were charging 1 minute from the first second. Additionally they’ve created some cool offers like the Orange Wednesday, offering customers 2 for 1 Cinema deals!

Innovation is core to their DNA, that’s why they are encouraging entrepreneurial people to lead innovation. Today they are organising a Business competition called Different Business.

There is a massive prize for the winner that will submit the best innovative idea. In addition to the capital investment, Orange will provide the winner with legal advice, business planning advice, mentoring, and marketing consultancy all to the value of £200,000.

If you think you’ve got a good idea that can disrupt the way people think, then you need to visit their website Win Your Business.

Here are some tips from Orange to optimise your entry:

- Make an impact: don’t waste time and ink, go straight to the point and make it cristal clear!

– Protect yourself: don’t forget to verify patents to be sure not to have any legal issues.

- Make sure it’s original: check that your idea is new, really new and doesn’t exist already.

- Read up: check again and agin your entry before submission to be sure you’re following all the guidelines.

Don’t be shy and share your idea with your friends, collegues to challenge it and collect feedback to better it!

Good luck to all of you!


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