Facebook Nearby app for iOS

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Facebook Nearby app for iOSFacebook is about to release a new iOS app named Facebook Nearby.

It will be a mix of Foursquare And Yelp.

Interesting to see that the strategy of Facebook on mobile is to populate the app store with as many as powwible vertical service apps.

What will be the next one?

Youtube capture app

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Great iPhone app by Google with the Youtube capture app that allows you to record and share video easily!


Bight light iPhone app to find sunny spots in your city

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Are you looking for a sunny terrasse, this iPhone app can hel you!

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Draw Something iPhone app key figures of the success

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Draw Something is a Pictionary like iPhone app launched only 7 weeks ago but has already 50 million downloads! This is the first iPhone app to get such a huge amount of users in such a short period.The iPhone app has gather 1 million user in 9 days whereas Facebook had to wait 9 month to reach their first million!
Draw Something has 20 million daily users and 3 billions drawings since launch.
Zynga has bought the company that owns the game Draw Something, OMGPOP, for $200 million!
Have a look below to see how the game is performing.

Do: social productivity app to organise work in team

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Awesome video ad campaign for DO, the social productivity app.

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The sex profile iPhone app to keep track of your sex performance

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How to encourage young swedish people to use condoms and practice sex safely?

To make it fun with an app named sex profile that is creating a sex graph of your activity.

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