Livraison McDonald’s à domicile c’est possible avec Tok Tok Tok

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Se faire livrer son McDo, vous en avez révé ? Et bien c’est désormais possible grâce au service de livraison Tok Tok Tok.

En 3 étapes, on peut se faire livrer tout ce qu’on veut, où on le désire.
J’ai testé le service pour me faire livrer un McDonald’s.

1. Je choisis l’adresse où je veux me faire livrer

tok tok tok


2. Je choisis ce que je veux me faire livrer, ici un McDo

livraison mcdonald's


3. je valide ma commande  et el service Tok Tok Tok me donne une estimation du temps de livraison (ici 26-33 minutes, mais j’ai été livré en 15 minutes par un runner en vélo)



Pendant la course, on peut suivre ou se situe le runner sur une carte en temps réel et on est averti de son arrivée par sms; Le payement est fait en ligne et facturé à la reception. Service très propre & très efficace !

Prochain test pour ma part la livraison d’une bouteille de champagne frais dans un parc !

How Bitcoin works in video

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I am sure you’ve heard about Virtual Currency and especially Bitcoin. This is how it works.

Google Trend Visualiser: to see what’s hot in your country

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Google has just released a very nice tool named the Google Trend Visualiser.

thansk to it you can visualise what are the top trends on Google in real time.

Googles Trend Visualiser

How to get free holidays if you’re sexy with Miss Travel

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Miss Travel is a new kind of escort girls service for single men that don’t want to travel alone…

Advertiser: Miss Travel

Vivid: a great visual and video production solution

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Vivid Photo Visual are a Manchester-based corporate video production company.


What makes them special? Well, apart from their flawless fashion sense, their Wildean wit and their god-like tea-making capabilities, they combine that uniquely Mancunian creative spark with an uncompromising approach to the nuts and bolts of business.


They produce videos that make you say “How did they do that?!” But they’re not just showing off for the sake of it. Sure, they love to flex their creative muscles, but, with Vivid, everything serves a purpose, achieves a goal, and delivers tangible benefits to the people that commissioned the project.


The creative team at Vivid are truly passionate about what they do. Whether they’re in the office, on location, or just taking some time out, the cameras are never far away. This commitment to the craft is something money just can’t buy.


But your money will buy you a fully-fledged video production service that starts with an idea and ends with results you can measure, turn into pretty graphs, and show your boss before you ask for that big juicy payrise.


Just check out the video below for an example of what Vivid are all about…

As well as motion graphics and animation, Vivid also specialise in time-lapse, tilt-shift, and various other disciplines (both hyphenated and non-hyphenated!) But don’t take our word for it, head to their website and see for yourself.

Kitty Playdate by iPet companion: play online with a real cat or dog!

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This sounds totally unrealistic but the technology iPet Companion is providing pet adoption websites such as Bideawee an amazing interactive service! You can now play remotely with a cat or a dog before adopting it!

Kitty Playdate by iPet companion: play online with a real cat or dog!


The pets is in a room with a remotely controlled toy. On the website you can move the toy with your mouse and even move the camera to follow the way the pet is interacting with the toy.

It’s like a real pet casting on the internet. Give it a try, it’s free and very impressive!
Click on cancel to start playing with the cat below!

Here a video of another use of the iPet Companion