Pavement drawing advertising campaign for Chupa Chups

Posted on 12 Sep 2011 in Advertising, Ambient Media, Guerilla, Outdoor | Comments Off

Nice pavement drawing for a brand that invites people to a less serious life.

Advertiser: Chupa Chups
Agency: Square Melon, Amsterdam

Volkswagen under Greenpeace attack

Posted on 9 Sep 2011 in Advertising, Guerilla, Outdoor | Comments Off

Greenpeace has attacked Volkswagen in Germany with a massive installation on their factory.

Volkswagen under Greenpeace attack

Advertiser: Greenpeace

Music shop guerilla marketing with mirrors on albums

Posted on 16 Aug 2011 in Advertising, Guerilla | Comments Off

Simple idea but effecient to demonstrate the product asset of a voice remover that makes you the artist for a karaoke song.

Advertiser: LG Mini System with Voice Remover
Agency: Y&R, São Paulo

Fancy graffiti over Pinterest

Posted on 17 Apr 2011 in Advertising, Ambient Media, Guerilla, Pinterest, Social Media | Comments Off

A Pinterest graffiti has been recovered with a Fancy graffiti… Nice way to create the buzz.

Advertiser: Fancy

The most powerful fan ever is blowing a car

Posted on 14 Dec 2010 in Advertising, Ambient Media, Guerilla | Comments Off

Very impressive product demo before a shop window presenting the most powerful fan ever…

The most powerful fan ever is blowing a car

Advertiser: Arno