King of Kong: the Donkey Kong world high score story video

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This is documentary staring 2 massive geeks: Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. There are both retrogaming players attempting to get the world high score on Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is supposed to be the most difficult arcade game ever created. If you have 1 hour to spend watch this documentary, it’s very impressive to discover how far some people can go to achieve some world record…


Domino’s Pizza Hero iPad app

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Great iPad application to learn how to make pizza!

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Kitty Playdate by iPet companion: play online with a real cat or dog!

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This sounds totally unrealistic but the technology iPet Companion is providing pet adoption websites such as Bideawee an amazing interactive service! You can now play remotely with a cat or a dog before adopting it!

Kitty Playdate by iPet companion: play online with a real cat or dog!


The pets is in a room with a remotely controlled toy. On the website you can move the toy with your mouse and even move the camera to follow the way the pet is interacting with the toy.

It’s like a real pet casting on the internet. Give it a try, it’s free and very impressive!
Click on cancel to start playing with the cat below!

Here a video of another use of the iPet Companion

Waterproof iPhone with Never Wet spray

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You can now have some calls under water thanks to this Never Wet Spray that makes your iPhone waterproof.

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1 meter gode for a video game promotion: Saints Row The Third

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THQ video gameThe video game editor THQ has released a new video game named Saints Row The Third.
This crazy GTA-Like allows you to use a 1.20 meter gode as a weapon named the penetrator…
To announce the launch of the new video game, THQ has decided to send some samples of this 1.20 meter long gode to journalists all around the world. This sounds really insane but check the photo of this massive gode!

1 meter gode for a video game promotion: Saints Row The Third


Saints Row The Third gode

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Vega 4G LTE: the first wave screen smartphone

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The Vega 4G LTE smartphone has the best feature ever that allows you to answer calls without touching the screen. You just need to wave your hand over the phone! This smartphone is only available in South Korea for the moment!

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