Play a driving video game on a massive billboard with you mobile

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Thanks to the Screach app on your mobile you can control remotely a car on this massive billboard.
9 players can play the game at the same time!

Advertiser: London Westfield Shopping Mall

Top funny things you can ask to your iPhone 4S with Siri

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That’s amazing waht you can now ask your iPhone 4S to do with Siri, the voice control app.
Have a look below at the funniest things you can ask him and the best answers it will give you back.

iOS 5 for iPhone iPad available now

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Today is the day of the new iOS 5 update for all Apple devices users.
The main updates with IOS 5 will allow your iPhone and iPad to:
1. Sync your iPhone or iPad without computer. You are now able to synch with WIFI.
2. All your data will be saved on the iCloud
3. An equivalent of BBM for iPhone and iPad with iMessage that allows you to chat and share files with all iOS 5 users for free.
4. A notifications center to gather in one place the info you needs from different apps.
5. A better Safari browser with full integration of Twitter (will Apple buy out Twiiter?)

Tweet Speaker: iPhone app reading your Twitter timeline

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Tweet Speaker: iPhone app reading your Twitter timelineA very simple but useful iPhone app, especially for drivers: Tweet Speaker.
When you can’t read your Twitter timeline, Tweet Speaker is playing it for you.
Since the announce of the iPhone 4S and the Siri, it seems more and more mobile applications will use the voice control.




New Facebook iPhone App rocks

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Have you tested the new Facebook iPhone App?
If not, you should update it asap. It really rocks.

It’s cleaner, faster and is more looking like a feeds reader.
If you click on the top left button, you’ll access the screen below

new facebook iphone application

feeds reader

new facebook iphone app

home screen

iPhone 4S Siri video presentation

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Apple has just released its new iPhone 4S. The main new feature of the iPhone 4S is the Siri function. Siri allows you to control all the iPhone 4S functions with your voice. It can write or read texts or emails for you and even read websites. It means the iPhone 4S is 100% voice controlable. Have a look to this 2 videos introducing this Siri function.

Advertiser: Apple