Why mobile apps matter for Brands – infographic

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The mobile app download are skyrocketing and this is why mobile apps matter for Brands!

How to build brands on social media infographic

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How branding can be achived on social media such as Twitter and Facebook?

Brandversations logos hijacking: Apple with Microsoft inside!

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Cool project from a designer creating logos with competitors’ logos.

The Apple logo made with some Windows Microsoft logos

brandversations apple windows

The Windows Microsoft logo made with some Apple logos

brandversations windows apple

The Burger King logo made with some McDonald’s logos

brandversations burger king mcdonalds

The McDonald’s logo made with some Burger King logos

The McDonald's logo made with some Burger King logos

The Coca Cola Coke logo made with some Pepsi logos

brandversations coca pepsi

The Pepsi logo made with some Coca Cola Coke logos

brandversations pepsi coca

The Internet Explorer logo made with some Firefox logos

brandversations firefox internet explorer

The Firefox logo made with some Internet Explorer logos


The Canon logo made with some Nikon logos


The Nikon logo made with some Canon logos


by Stefan Asafti

Brandwashed: how marketers target very young children

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Martin Lindstrom will release a new book named Brandwashed the 21st September. In this new book Martin Lindstrom is revealing how marketers are brainwashing young kids. Have a look on these 2 videos below denouncing how brands are affecting our daily life and making us more and more dependant.

This first video is showing how Apple is a very powerful brand.

This second video is showing a side effect of McDonald’s