Top 30 drawings on Draw Something iPhone app

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Draw Something is the new phenomenon on iPhone. As I told you earlier, it’s a massive success.

Check what some artists have manage to draw on Draw Something! There is a fake included, will you spot it???

Click on the picture to see the next one.

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Draw Something iPhone app key figures of the success

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Draw Something is a Pictionary like iPhone app launched only 7 weeks ago but has already 50 million downloads! This is the first iPhone app to get such a huge amount of users in such a short period.The iPhone app has gather 1 million user in 9 days whereas Facebook had to wait 9 month to reach their first million!
Draw Something has 20 million daily users and 3 billions drawings since launch.
Zynga has bought the company that owns the game Draw Something, OMGPOP, for $200 million!
Have a look below to see how the game is performing.

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