Google adsense ad banner for Facebook IPO

Posted on 27 Apr 2012 in Facebook, Social Media | Comments Off

I have jsut seen this Google adsense ad banner on a website:

“Invest in Facebook Now”

This seems very weird as facebook is not supposed to advertise to encourage people to buy their stocks…

When I clicked on the banner I’ve been redirected to the landing page below telling a “Secret Way to Invest in Facebook Before it Goes Public”…


It’s very surprising this kind of dodgy ads are allowed on Google…


La Redoute Fail G-String Google Adsense Ad

Posted on 4 Jan 2012 in Flop, Web | Comments Off

It’s a cascading fail for La Redoute, after the photo fail on La Redoute’s website and the La Redoute Fail memes invasion,

now Google Adsense is showing La Redoute GString ads on the posts talking about this fail!

Combo fail!!!