How to go viral with goviral

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Nice video presentation of goviral (my company).

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Top 10 viral videos of the year 2011 by goviral

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goviral has compiled the top 10 viral videos of the year 2011

1.      The Force Volkswagen

2.      Ape With AK-47

3.      Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema

4.      DnB NOR Clooney ad

5.      T-Mobile parking ticket

6.      Contrex – Ma Contrexpérience – 97s

7.      Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

8.      Jennifer Aniston goes viral for smart water

9.      Team Hot Wheels – The Yellow Driver’s World Record Jump

10.   Old Spice – Scent vacation

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Top 10 viral videos of the month November 2011

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1. Nando’s: Last dictator standing

How will world’s worst dictators spend Christmas? Nando’s has the answer. In this commercial Mugabe and Muammar Gaddafi follows each other through the good times in life, but ends up spending Christmas alone. This commercial was cancelled in South Africa, due to the political attention it got in Zimbawe.

Score: 7
Advertiser: Nando’s

Agency: Black River F.C

2. FIAT 500 Abarth – Seduction

In this new commercial from the car manufacturer Fiat, we only see the actual car for about 1/3 of the movie. As the title implies the new Fiat 500 Abarth smacks an innocent pedestrian in face while she yells something in Italian.

Score: 6.8
Advertiser: Fiat

Agency: The Richards Group

3. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011

Christmas is coming. The 90 second ad shows a little boy waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. But when the day finally comes, the little boy ignores his own gifts, and rushes to give his parents the present he has bought for them. The film was so popular that it was viewed more than 600,000 times the first 3 days.

Score: 6.8
Advertiser: John Lewis

Agency: Adam & Eve

4. Catvertising

Is Catvertising the new thing in advertising? The Toronto-based ad agency John St. certainly knows what people wants, and it’s not the commercials. It’s the cat videos.

Score: 6.6
Agency: John St.

5. It’s time.

Same sex marriage is a big topic in Australia for the moment. This campaign focuses on equal rights for same sex marriages and has got a lot of attention trough out many online environments. It has reached more than 3 million views and a massive 900,000 shares on Facebook within a week.

Score: 6.6
Advertiser: Getup

Agency: Motion Picture Company

6. Samsung “Next Big Thing” Galaxy S ll Commercial

Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” is adding fuel to the fire in the rivalry between the two multinational corporations by making fun of Apple and the Apple ‘groupies’.

Score: 6.4
Advertiser: Samsung

7. Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

The first trailer for the fifth edition of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto is out – and with great success. More than 10 million views in the first month say’s it all.

Score: 6.4
Advertising Agency: Direct

8. Nokia Lumia Live

In the end of November, Nokia brought the famous DJ “deadmau5” and the world’s most advanced 4D technology together and created and amazing free light show in London. It’s a fantastic setup that has created a more than 600,000 views in a few days.

Score: 6.4
Advertiser: Nokia

Agency: Direct

9. World of Warcraft TV Commercial: Chuck Norris – Hunter

“Chuck Norris didn’t break a sweat filming the newest World of Warcraft television spot. Instead, he made the director cry and then cooled himself with the tears”, or so says Blizzard when they describes their newest commercial for the massive online fantasy world game.

Score: 6.2
Advertiser: Blizzard

Agency: BBDO

10. Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync ‘Moves Like Jagger’

In this final video the Victoria’s Secret supermodels are spinning around to the new Maroon 5 song ‘Moves Like Jagger’. The video was released just before the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Score: 5.8
Advertiser: Victoria’s Secret

Agency: KCD Worldwide

via goviral

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Top 10 viral video of the month October 2011

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1. Contrex – Ma Contrexpérience – 97’s

If you want to lose weight – you have to exercise. That is the purpose of the water company’s
“Contrex” newest commercial, where a bunch of pink bikes are lined up next to each other to show that exercising can be fun and entertaining. Take a look at the video. It has generated almost 8 millions views in little over a month and has had a lot of social actions.

Score: 7.2

Agency: Marcel Paris

2. Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween

Angry Birds are back with a trailer for their Halloween edition “Ham’O’Ween”. Even though the video is 4:19 minutes long, it has already generated more than 4 million views in under two weeks.

Score: 7

3. Apple – Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S

In October Apple launched their newest edition of the iPhone. The design remained the same, but a lot of new features were presented. Among others – Siri was introduced. It’s a new and more efficient way to use the Smartphone only by talking. This video shows how much attention a brand can give a video.

Score: 7

Agency: TBWA

4. The HD HERO2: 2x as Powerful in Every Way

To celebrate the release of the most advanced GoPro HD camera yet, GoPro traveled the world with some of the greatest athletes, adventures and filmmakers to see what they could create with their new camera. The video is fantastic and off course Red Bull is also a part of it. Do yourself the favor and watch the video in HD!

Score: 6.8

Agency: Simply Zesty

5. Go Beyond the Cover

We’ve all heard the old cliché “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. To raise awareness for a new product on tattoo covering Dermablend has launched a campaign under the slogan “Go Beyond the Cover”. More than 400.000 Facebook shares, tweets and blog post underline the online success.

Score: 6.6

Agency: Tuxedo

6. Canal+ “The Bear”

The next video emphasizes on how committed Canal+ is to good cinema – from its actors to its music and more. It is fun and really matches the Canal+ positioning, to promote cinemas.

Score: 6.4

Agency: BETC Euro RSCG

7. Explosive Water Projections

To mark the launch of the new Jordan Melo M8 basketball shoe, ad agency Wieden + Kennedy New York decided to showcase a basketball player’s skill at a nighttime show on a pier in New York City.

Score: 6.2

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

8. 700 Lives

Skin cancer is growing around the world. This fantastic idea and concept focuses on the problem, but haven’t reached as many views or social actions as it deserves. Still this video win a spot on this month top 10 for creativity and a very good way to enlighten a well known problem.

Score: 6.2

Agency: Novartis International AG

9. Hot Girl vs. Zombie – An AXE Halloween Horror Film

To celebrate the Halloween Axe made this horror film to demonstrate the effect of the deodorant. Is it classy or is it just a poor attempt to use the Halloween spirit in an ad campaign?

Score: 5.8

10. British Airways – Our advert 2011: To Fly. To Serve.

This classic video from British Airways is part of the biggest advertising campaign they’ve done in more than a decade. With adverts on peak-time TV, in newspapers and online this campaign haven’t been cheap.

Score: 5.6

In partnership with goviral

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Top 10 viral video in September 2011

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1. Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema

An experiment with 148 bikers in a cinema in Belgium is what Carlsberg did to reinforce their baseline ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’. Carlsberg have made a viral success by having innocent couples facing a big group of bikers in a small cinema. Within a few days the film had more than 4 million views – and more than 500.000 shares on Facebook.

Advertiser: Carlsberg
Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem

2. DnB NOR Clooney ad

“Some people are lucky in life. For the rest of us, saving up can be smart”. This is the catch phrase for the Norwegian bank that has made this very popular online video. More than a million views and 120.000 online shares, and almost 200 blog posts, this video certainly has made some attention in the online video world.

Advertiser: DnB NOR
Agency: Try/Apt Oslo, Norway

3. The T-Mobile Parking Ticket

T-Mobile has made this new unconventional campaign, with the very simple concept that nobody likes nasty surprises, when it comes to telephone bills. This feel good video is simply great, and once again T-Mobile proves that they are really good in creating content worth talking about.

Advertiser: T-Mobile


This campaign from the Danish bus company, Movia, was distributed with great success through govirals own network. It’s a great campaign that shows, in an entertaining way, how different you act when you’re drunk. The film has been shared more than 100.000 times on the World Wide Web.

Agency: Bocca Copenhagen

5. Human Slingshot Slip and Slide – Vooray

Fun, sport and summer. Another great feel good film. This one is from the clothing/apparel company, Vooray. In one month the video generated almost 3 million views.

Advertiser: Vooray
Agency: Devinsupertramp

6. Formula 1 comes to America! – Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas

To celebrate the arrival of the Formula 1 racing circuit in America, Red Bull Racing produced this really nice video in Texas, having their F1 show car chased by cowboys on a ranch, and is another example of the fantastic scenery Red Bull builds up in their commercials. Even though the film is almost 7 minutes long, it has delivered nearly 400.000 views in ten days.

Advertiser: Red Bull

7. IKEA Introduces Nursery for Men

Ikea Australia created a solution for men to escape the pains of weekend shopping in the enormous warehouse. The solution is called ‘the Manland’, and it’s a daycare for husbands and boyfriends who want to take a break from shopping. Watch the video and get an idea of what the buzz is about.

Advertiser: Ikea
Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys

8. Battlefield 3 / Jay-Z — “99 Problems” Full-Length Gameplay TV Ad

Battlefield is among the most popular games to PC, Xbox and PS3. The newest edition ‘Battlefield 3’ is launched to the tune of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”. 1 million views and almost 100.000 online shares says it all, this game is looking pretty cool.

Advertiser: Battlefield 3

9. New Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize Advert

In this new campaign from the breakfast company Weetabix; the young street dancer Arizona Snow dances the coolness into the tasty biscuits.

Advertiser: Weetabix
Agency: BBH London

10. Vodafone Buffer Busters

Vodafone has launched an enhanced reality mobile application that transforms your city into a videogame arena. Starting from the brief “Vodafone is the fastest mobile network in Germany”, North Kingdom created a digital story revolving around so-called Buffer Monsters that represents everything slow in your everyday surroundings.

Advertiser: Vodafone
Agency: North Kingdom

In partnership with goviral

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