Heineken beer book print

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Nice print for a cool beer brand.

Advertiser: Heineken
Agency: CDA, Milan

Heineken dog fighting official explanation

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After the socking picture of Heineken sponsoring dog fighting, Heineken has published an official stattement on their website explaining why their banners appear during dog fight.


Dog fighting sponsored by Heineken

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Interesting finding with this picture of a dog fight with Heineken sponsor banners…

Advertiser: Heineken

UEFA Champions League Trophy in your hotel room by Heineken

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Heineken has forgotten the UEFA Champions League Trophy in a football supporters hotel room…

Advertiser: Heineken

Heineken is for Pussies by Pabst beer with David Lynch

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Did you know Heineken was a beer for pussies according to David Lynch?

Advertiser: Pabst Blue Ribbon