Joeybra: iPhone pocket for girl’s bra

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Joeybra is the first bra pocket for your iPhone!

Leave a comment if you want one!




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Using your iPhone while driving can kill you

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Don’t text and drive!

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Samsung Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4S waiting line

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Samsung is showing people waiting in line hours for the new iPhone 4S whereas the Samsung Galaxy S II is already available with a larger screen and 4G.

Sorry Samsung, nothing personal, but your commercial is excactly like your product… not in the same league as Apple.

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Waterproof iPhone with Never Wet spray

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You can now have some calls under water thanks to this Never Wet Spray that makes your iPhone waterproof.

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Awesome bluetooth wireless speaker for iPhone by Sony

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Today I have received something very cool from Sony. It’s a wireless speaker for your iPhone working with Bluetooth.

The product named SRS-BTV25 is just awesome. The longest part to make it work and synch with you iPhone is to unbox it.

As soon as it’s out of the box, I just plugged it and activate the Bluetooth on my iPhone. My iPhone automatically listed the Sony SRS-BTV25, just confirm and you can play music on it!

activate bluetooth on your iphone

activate bluetooth on your iphone

Sony SRS-BTV25

Sony SRS-BTV25

It’s so quick and easy to make it work, that’s a real pleasure.

On top of that the design is very minimalist and clean.

Let’s talk about the sound now: it’s impressive. I did not expect such a good quality and so much power from a single speaker. Sony is using a 360° sound technology.

The Sony SRS-BTV25 is avalaible in 2 colours: black or white.

It’s the perfect speaker for your home, your office or to travel with! I love it! The only thing missing would be a battery that allow you to go to the beach with it!