La Redoute 99% discount on Pull over fake fail

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It seems La Redoute has learned from its La Redoute fail episodes by announcing a 99% discount on 1 pull on their website.

The pull is supposed to be priced at 59392,00 € before a 99% discount!

Well done guys! Still live here.

3 Suisses taking advantage on La Redoute fail bad buzz

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3 Suisses is the main competitor of La Redoute in France. They have posted on their official Facebook fanpage an ad for wetsuit using the naked from La Redoute fail.


Advertiser: 3 Suisses

La Redoute Fail Jumper photo with stains

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It seems the La Redoute fail with the naked man will never stop. After the La Redoute Fail memes and the Google Adsense La Redoute misplaced ad, here we go with another La Redoute Fail with a jumper picture with coffee stains!!!

Still live on their website!!!

On Redoute tous de faire des erreurs Tipp-ex print

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Foolowing the bad buzz with La Redoute fail, Tipp-ex has taken the opportunity to release a viral print campaign saying:

“We all fear to make mistakes” as Redoute in French means to fear! Clever one! I have the feeling this bad buzz won’t stop soon!

Advertiser: Tipp-ex

La Redoute Fail video screencast

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For the ones who still think this massive La Redoute fail is fake, here is the video screencast on their website showing the naked man in the background when it was still live on it.

As a bonus check the hilarious La Redoute meme