The four elements by Lamborghini

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Nice ad campaign for a luxury automotive brand.

Advertiser: Lamborghini

Cartier Odyssey video short film

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Amazing short film from the luxury brand Cartier: Cartier Odyssey.

Advertiser: Cartier

This is why Louis Vuitton sucks with online video advertising

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Louis Vuitton has released a very nice animation video on its website.

It’s the one on the left below.

But you can’t export the video… No portability of the content. Even if there is an embed button, you can’t embed the video.

This sounds crazy but this embed button is opening an overlay window allowing you to copy/paste the description of the video. Yes the description only! As the website is in flash and you can’t copy/paste directly on the website, they thought it would be a good feature to add an embed button for the text but not for the video!

No doubt Louis Vuitton sucks online!

Swallowable Parfum: the first pill perfume

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Sounds crazy but you can now smell good thanks to an edible perfume pill!

Advertiser: Swallowable Parfum

Dior Pinball: The most expensive pinball in the world

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The Dior luxury brand has released a new viral video staring the most expensive pinball in the world: Mise en Dior

Advertiser: Dior
Agency: Al Dente