Star Mercedes music video clip with Kavinsky

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Great music video clip for Mercedes with a sound track by Kavinsky

Advertiser: Mercedes

Agency: BBDO

Invisible car Mercedes

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Amazing technology with this car covered with LEDs that make it invisible!

Advertiser: Mercedes

Top 10 sexist video ad campaigns

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These top 10 brands could win an award for releasing the most sexist advertising campaigns ever.
Obviously these sexist brands are targeting males!

Top 10 sexist video ad campaigns

1/ Goodyear

2/ National Airlines

3/ Folgers

4/ Mercedes

5/ Hasbro’s Rose Petal Cottage

6/ Bud Light

7/ Nando’s

8/ Axe

9/ Dodge

10/ Allstate


Bonus sent by Dabitch: Carlton Mid

Feel free to ad any relevant sexist video ad in the comments and I’ll update this post