Minutes for Sale: interesting way of selling online ads

Minutes for Sale is an interesting online advertising concept inspired by the websites such as the million dollar homepage. Basically Minutes for Sale is selling minutes of exposure on its website. Each advertisers can buy a minute of the day and their website will be displayed during that minute every day!
So it’s meaning 1,440 minutes are available to book on the website. As you can see in the planning a lot of slots have already been booked.


For £30 you can buy 1 minute per day. So it means you’ll get be 6h of full exposure for your website for the year. Clever, no?

I really like the concept but I definitely think the website needs a sexier design. It really looks like an old site from the 90s!!!!

Anyway as we know these kind of concept gets a lot of media coverage at the beginning then if you want to book an ad slot, better to do it now than next year!