Find Red M&M’s in Toronto Google Map

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A very viral campaign from M&M’s using Google Map to hide the Red M&M’s and organising a game with Canadians to find it.

Advertiser: ; M&M’s
Agency: Proximity BBDO

Justene Jaro half naked video for The Hundreds and Primitive

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It seems sex won’t stop to sell even for a jean’s brand.

Advertiser: The Hundreds and Primitive

1 meter gode for a video game promotion: Saints Row The Third

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THQ video gameThe video game editor THQ has released a new video game named Saints Row The Third.
This crazy GTA-Like allows you to use a 1.20 meter gode as a weapon named the penetrator…
To announce the launch of the new video game, THQ has decided to send some samples of this 1.20 meter long gode to journalists all around the world. This sounds really insane but check the photo of this massive gode!

1 meter gode for a video game promotion: Saints Row The Third


Saints Row The Third gode

Advertiser: THQ

Beneful: the first TV ad targeting dogs with specific dog sounds

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Nestlé Purina has just released the first TV commercial including sounds barely audible by humans but very impactful for dogs. After doing some researches Nestlé Purina is aiming dogs in their new advertising campaign. They’re hopping it will draw the dog’s owner attention and increase products’ sales.
Is this an amazing move or marketing is just going to far? At least they will get a lot of good and free PR…
Let see if the dog rules at home!

Here is the TV commercial to draw dog’s attention

Here is the video of a dog watching the TV commercial

Advertiser: Nestlé Purina

The first iPhone app to manage all your girlfriends relationship

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When you’re having more than one girlfriend it could be difficult to keep track on every details…
That’s why Axe has released an iPhone app to help guys managing their multi relationships!

Advertiser: Axe
Agency: BBH, Singapore

KLM humans tweet answer in video

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The airline company KLM is answering every Tweet within the hour with real people as they are prouving in this video.

Advertiser: KLM