Integrated Advertising definition in video

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Very good explanation how what is Integrated Advertising with a simple video tutorial.

Let’s wait now for the video presenting what is the Native Advertising.

Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv

Mons Royale underwear billboard ad

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This is what we call ambient media…

Advertiser: Mons Royale

Game Roulette app for Android

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If you have too many apps and you don’t know what app to play with… Then Game roulette is the app you need that let you select randomly an app on your phone!

Tapjoy Insights #2: Monetizing Mobile Apps Through Virtual Goods

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What is the best way to monetize your app when you’re a developper?
Launch a paid app or a free app including in-app purchase?

Tapjoy is providing us with some good knowledge how what is working the best.

You can freely download the Tapjoy Insights #2.

The Ballerina Stunt viral video by Volvo Truck

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Amazing trick for Volvo truck : the Ballerina Stunt!

Advertiser: Volvo