Youtube capture app

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Great iPhone app by Google with the Youtube capture app that allows you to record and share video easily!


What’s happening in 1 second on Youtube

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Impressive stats about Youtube!

The world of social media 2011 in video

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Want an update on facts and figures about the social media world?

Want to know what is now the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare and Google audience?

Just play the video!

How to activate the Youtube new version

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Youtube has released a new version of its website.
If you want to activate it you need to go on Youtube and then type :
- Ctrl+shift+j (or Cmd+shift+j for Mac users) under Chrome
- Ctrl+shift+k (or Cmd+shift+k for Mac users) under Firefox

It will open the developper console, and you need to type in:

Refresh the Youtube homepage and you now have the new version!

How to activate the Youtube new version

Porn ad on Youtube Starbucks video #fail

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A very unpleasant ad has appeared on Youtube.

As you can se below, on a Starbucks video there is a porn ad banner…

Porn ad on Youtube Starbucks video #fail